Shipping Node.js Applications with Docker and Codeship

The Codeship Workflow

This article by Gergely Nemeth was originally published on the RisingStack Engineering blog and we’re happy to republish it here for Codeship readers. Gergely is an engineer at RisingStack where he helps companies changing from monolithic applications to Node.js-based microservices. Setting up continuous deployment of Node.js applications now is easier than ever, especially now that […]

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AWS Lambda: an Introduction

Tech Room

Many parts of a modern infrastructure are inherently event-driven or can be represented with an event-driven model. For example, we want to send welcome emails for new signups, scale our systems up or down whenever certain load metrics are hit, or send out notifications to the engineering team when new admin accounts are created for […]

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Repository Driven Infrastructure

At Codeship we’re always striving to keep our development team focused on improving our code and product. Anything beside that is a distraction. Understanding and dealing with the details on how to deploy infrastructure is unnecessary during daily work. Developers should be able to describe their intent to deploy and then a system should pick […]

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