AWS Lambda: an Introduction

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Many parts of a modern infrastructure are inherently event-driven or can be represented with an event-driven model. For example, we want to send welcome emails for new signups, scale our systems up or down whenever certain load metrics are hit, or send out notifications to the engineering team when new admin accounts are created for […]

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Repository Driven Infrastructure

At Codeship we’re always striving to keep our development team focused on improving our code and product. Anything beside that is a distraction. Understanding and dealing with the details on how to deploy infrastructure is unnecessary during daily work. Developers should be able to describe their intent to deploy and then a system should pick […]

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Continuous Delivery with anynines and Codeship

I am happy to welcome a new member to our Codeship Integrations family: anynines! Anynines is a PaaS built on top of CloudFoundry and OpenStack. They take care of your hardware, your network configuration and OS updates, among others. Set up Continuous Delivery with anynines and Codeship Anynines have a great Getting Started guide which […]

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Incident Report: DNSimple DDoS Attack

Please accept our apologies for the recent issue affecting your service, starting at 19:09 UTC on December 1, 2014. What happened? The vendor that provides Codeship’s domain name service (DNS), DNSimple, experienced a major volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack which impacted their service availability. DNSimple has issued an incident report detailing their outage […]

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Node.js Security Tips

This is a republished blog post by Gergely Nemeth from RisingStack. They do Full Stack Javascript Development and Consulting. Gergely loves contributing to open-source projects like node-restify, organizing conferences, DevOps, Microservices and cycling. You can find his original article here. Node.js is getting more and more mature, no doubt – despite this, not a lot […]

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