Google App Engine Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

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Set up Continuous Deployment to Google App Engine for your Python applications with Codeship

We are proud to announce another prominent member in our Codeship deployments family: Google App Engine!

Google App Engine is a cloud hosting platform for your web applications. They support Python, Java, Go and PHP. Getting started is easy: Just create an account and you’re all set within a few minutes.

Google App Engine Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

You can deploy your GitHub and BitBucket projects with the Codeship. Within 2 minutes you can configure the Codeship to deploy your app to Google App Engine.

All you have to do is

  • Connect your Google account to your Codeship account
  • Add the App Engine configuration file to your application
  • Add your App Engine URL to your Codeship deployment configuration

As soon as you’ve configured your deployment, the Codeship will deploy your application to Google App Engine with every build.

Watch the video at the beginning of this article to see how to set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for your Python projects on the Codeship.

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  • SantiagoArias

    This looks nice,
    does it work with Go App Engine as well?

    • Florian Motlik

      Yes absolutely. Currently we support Python and Go on Google App Engine. We are working on the Java support, but that’s a little trickier

      • SantiagoArias

        great, I will give it a try then.
        Thxs for the quick response!

        • Florian Motlik

          Sure, if anything comes up let us know

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  • Adam

    How is the Java support going @Florian Motlik @codeship:disqus? I want to start deploying JRuby to GAP.

    • Florian Motlik @codeship

      Java deployments should already work fine from Codeship. You can give it a try right away.

      • Adam

        Will do :)

  • Marco Ramires

    It doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It keeps looking for a appengine-web.xml instead of app.yaml.

    SEVERE: Received exception processing ./WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml Could not locate

  • Yasser Toruno

    is there multiple module support?