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Continuous Deployment for Django apps from Bitbucket to dotCloud


  How to set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for a Django Application from Bitbucket to dotCloud In this blog post we’re gonna deploy a Django application from a Bitbucket repository to dotCloud using the Codeship. We’ve set up a simple Django application called codefish which contains some tests. We’ll use screenshots of this […]

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Using Packer and Vagrant to Build Virtual Machines


UPDATE: We are delighted that Mitchell Hashimoto, the creator of Vagrant and Packer, shared our blog post and recommended reading it. Retweet to share the love. “Building Vagrant Machines with Packer”, by @codeship. Good intro to how and why Packer is useful with Vagrant. — Mitchell Hashimoto (@mitchellh) November 7, 2013 Sharing a common […]

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