Continuous Deployment to Modulus with Codeship


Reading Time: 2 minutesSet up Continuous Deployment to Modulus for your Node.js applications with Codeship Update: We have created two detailed step-by-step guides with video tutorials to make setup even easier. Check them out here: Continuous Deployment for node.js apps from GitHub to Modulus Continuous Deployment for node.js apps from Bitbucket to Modulus Today we’re announcing another Codeship […]

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Improve Business Communication with Behavior Driven Development


Reading Time: 5 minutesThis is a guest blog post by Lance Ennen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Big Astronaut.

Effective business communication heightens productivity. An important step in increasing communication and decreasing inefficiencies is to eliminate assumptions. A teacher of mine once told the class to never ASSUME. When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

Every entity, which has a hierarchy of employees, managers, presidents, etc, etc. is in danger of experiencing this assumption parody if the rules of the game, and more precisely, the rules of detailed tasks are left for interpretation.

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Codeship SSH Debug Access

Codeship News

Reading Time: 3 minutesAt Codeship we care deeply about your productivity. Your Continuous Integration (CI), local and production environment are not the same. They have different locale settings and sometimes even run another operating system. With various environments, it happens that your code behaves differently on each platform. Some of your builds might fail on the Codeship but […]

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