How Containers Will Change the Game Server Hosting Industry


Reading Time: 10 minutesThe last 12 months have seen some exciting Docker developments for game servers. The core product has become significantly more mature, the user base has grown considerably, and a number of advanced features have emerged solving many of the core barriers to containerization of game servers and other opinionated applications. We’ve also seen a number […]

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7 Tips for Continuously Deploying Single Page Apps


Reading Time: 5 minutesSingle page apps deliver fantastically rich user experiences, and they open up an entirely different avenue for continuous deployment. Separating out a front-end application from the server is a sound strategy for breaking up the responsibilities of the team. Maintaining a separate front-end code base allows teams to iterate on features quickly and interact through […]

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Integrating Your Codeship CI/CD Pipeline with AWS ECR


Reading Time: 7 minutesAmazon recently announced its hosted EC2 Container Registry. Now that support for Amazon ECR has been released, we’re here to show you how you can integrate ECR into your CI/CD pipeline at Codeship. ECR behaves similarly to a standard Docker registry where you can push and pull images and reference the registry when building your […]

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