Designing for Continuous Integration

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Reading Time: 3 minutesToday we’re rolling out some improvements we’ve made to the UI and UX of the Codeship application’s navigation, organization dashboard, projects page, and build pages. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You might say that continuous integration and deployment is the cornerstone of our development philosophy at Codeship — one that’s deeply woven […]

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DockerCon 2017 Recap: LinuxKit, the Moby Project, and Multi-stage Builds


Reading Time: 4 minutesLast week, nearly 5,000 engineers and tech professionals converged on Austin for an action-packed few days centered around Docker. Let’s recap some of the highlights of DockerCon 2017. This year, the conference spread its focus on developers, operators, and the enterprise experience, and there was undoubtedly a massive amount of content geared toward all interests […]

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Docker for Windows, Linux, and Mac


Reading Time: 8 minutesReleased earlier in 2017, Docker’s new native applications for Windows and Mac replaced the older methods for running Docker on Windows and Mac and created a better experience for developers using those platforms. The previous solution, Docker Toolbox, depended on VirtualBox to create a small Linux virtual machine that hosted your images and containers. It […]

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How to Dynamically Add Attributes to Your ActiveRecord models


Reading Time: 4 minutesThis article was originally published by Constantine Lebedev on Medium, and with his permission, we are sharing it here for Codeship readers. Sometimes we need to build an application that has domain models that we don’t know all the attributes of. A good example of such application is a system for tracking business contacts. In […]

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