Integrating with Brakeman Pro for Rails Security Analysis

Codeship NewsIntegrations

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are a variety of third-party products you can integrate with Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro to improve your CI/CD pipeline. Brakeman Pro, a service for automatically testing and reporting on your Rails application’s security vulnerabilities, is one such integration opportunity. We’ll walk through the setup instructions, but of course, Brakeman Pro’s documentation does a […]

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How to Identify Major Blockers in a CI/CD Pipeline


Reading Time: 7 minutesContinuous integration, development, and delivery pipelines provide significant benefits to software development. An excellent example of this is “being able to shepherd code changes to production with little-to-no human intervention” like at Mozilla. More broadly, when properly implemented, they reduce time to market and provide greater transparency and reliability of new features and releases. The […]

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Using Docker Push to Publish Images to Docker Hub

DevelopmentDocker Commands

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn previous articles, we explored building and running Docker containers locally using custom Dockerfiles. What we don’t explore very often is one of the most useful features of Docker and arguably the feature that has led to Docker’s success: The ability to build a Docker image and upload that image to a Docker repository. The […]

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