Integrating Codacy with Codeship


Reading Time: 2 minutesAt Codeship, we’re pleased to be able to integrate with several third-party products across a variety of areas to ensure your CI/CD workflows are that much smoother. For example, Codacy is an automated code-coverage service that helps you enforce standards of code quality and transparency with your engineering team. Getting started with Codacy and Codeship […]

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Adding Resiliency to Handle Registry Outages in Codeship Pro

Codeship News

Reading Time: 5 minutesRecently at Codeship, we’d been experiencing issues with our Docker registry provider. Over the past few months, we have unfortunately been passing on some stability issues with to our customers. Due to a lack of resilience in the face of dependency downtime, we have been failing to start some of our customers builds. Back […]

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Forrester Ranks Continuous Integration Vendors in Wave Report


Reading Time: 4 minutesProviding valuable guidance into the rapidly growing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery market and confirming the Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) market’s growing maturity, Forrester recently ranked CI Vendors in its Wave Report on Continuous Integration Tools. The report (download a complimentary copy of the Forrester Wave Report for Continuous Integration Tools here) is based […]

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Towards Minimal, Idiomatic, and Performant Ruby Code


Reading Time: 10 minutes“This article was originally published on The Codeminer 42’s Engineering Blog by Thiago Araujos. With their kind permission, we’re sharing it here for Codeship readers. I try to embrace a particular way of working with code: it should be minimal, idiomatic, and performant by default. Sometimes it is necessary to trade performance for readability, or […]

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