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Secure Serverless CI/CD with Codeship, PureSec, and AWS Lambda

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When you develop, build, and deploy applications using a serverless architecture, you have no access to the infrastructure on which traditional security controls used to exist. This means that you cannot deploy any traditional security protections such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, web application firewalls (WAF), threat prevention, or even runtime application self-protection (RASP) solutions. Nonetheless, […]

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WebRTC Issues and How to Debug Them


WebRTC is an amazing and rather ground-breaking technology pioneered by those geniuses at Google. Enabling plugin-free connectivity between browsers, the typical application for WebRTC is that of video chat applications. However, WebRTC is not just for audio and video; it’s also capable of transmitting other high-speed data. In short, envision a future of peer-to-peer gaming, […]

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