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Barry Jones

Zero Downtime Deployment with AWS ECS and ELB


Reading Time: 4 minutesAs development teams push farther toward continuous delivery, deploying updates to an application without disruption to users is constantly becoming a more sought-after practice. Amazon’s EC2 Container Service helps to make that easier than ever with tight Elastic Load Balancer integration. Who Needs Zero Downtime Deployment? The response to that question depends on who you […]

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Exploring Microservices Architecture on Heroku


Reading Time: 13 minutesBuilding an application with a microservice architecture is an excellent long-term decision if you can afford the increase in upfront time investment to do it properly. Heroku provides a platform that most developers know for simple deployment, but it also dramatically simplifies microservices architecture. What are these “microservices” of which you speak? If you’ve been […]

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