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Chris Ward

What Is Blockchain?


Reading Time: 6 minutesThe world and its dog has gone crazy for blockchain (and related technologies, which is a whole other post). The past two years have been a hype roller coaster for the technology with stories of equally insane valuations, technical proposals, media exposure, regulatory nightmares, frauds, and unrealized dreams. But what is the technology, and why […]

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What Is DesignOps?


Reading Time: 6 minutesAs a writer/tech writer/sometimes developer who dabbles in the odd bit of illustration and design, I have often wondered how teams of artists collaborate. While I remember the days of working on code with FTP uploads and SVN, code collaboration is, relatively speaking, “solved.” Code is fundamentally text, and so tracking changes to it is […]

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Going Serverless? Compare Your FaaS Options


Reading Time: 6 minutesAs is typical with new concepts and technologies, the absolute definition of “serverless” or FaaS (Functions as a Service) is broad and undefined. In essence, it is a concept that takes cloud computing and “convenience as a service” to the extreme, spinning up processing power when your application needs it and responding with data. Serverless […]

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