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Making CloudBees CodeShip Snappier with Vue

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Reading Time: 4 minutesOver the last six months or so, CodeShip’s front-end team has been investing heavily in performance improvements by migrating more and more of our front-end components to Vue.js, and by improving how those components interact with our back-end. We’ve deliberately taken an incremental approach with this work. Rather than one single big project, we’ve been […]

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Codeship Update: Codeship Pro Build Page Improvements

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Reading Time: 5 minutesToday we’re excited to release our redesigned build page for Codeship Pro! The new Codeship Pro build page offers improved performance (for example, reduced page load speed and efficient log scrolling — see more below) and offers superior usability over the old version. Moreover, it’s beautiful, and we’re proud to push it live today! “Reduced […]

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