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Isolated Networks, Container Discoverability, and Code Upgrades at Codeship

Codeship News

Reading Time: 3 minutesToday we’re announcing a few immediate changes, as well as some other changes you should expect over the next couple of months. The tl;dr here is that we’re launching a slight change to how containers are networked on Codeship Pro. In most cases, this won’t impact your builds…but it is the first step toward things […]

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Deploying to Google Cloud Compute with Compose V3 and Swarm Mode


Reading Time: 7 minutesEver since Docker launched an updated version of the Docker Compose file format, Compose V3, there has been a bit of confusion around how to think about your Compose file(s). For Codeship, the confusion is often doubled because our own service’s definition of file — codeship-services.yml — reuses a lot of Compose syntax to let […]

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