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Nick Gauthier

Kernel Load-Balancing for Docker Containers Using IPVS


Yesterday at DockerCon Europe, Andrey Sibiryov, a senior engineer at Uber Technologies, demonstrated how to improve load-balancing performance using an open-source technology that’s been part of the Linux kernel for more than a decade — IPVS. How to improve load-balancing performance for @Docker containers with IPVS – via @kobolog Click To Tweet What Is IPVS? […]

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Building Minimal Docker Containers for Go Applications


There are several great official and community-supported containers for many programming languages, including Go, but these containers can be quite large. Let’s walk through a comparison of methods for building containers for Go applications, then I’ll show you a way to statically build Go apps for containerization that are extremely small. Part One: Our “app” […]

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