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Building a Blockchain: What, How, and Why


Reading Time: 5 minutesTo put it mildly, cryptocurrency is an incredibly popular topic right now. Much of the hype around it tends to be focused on the physical value that these currencies represent. However, I believe something even more precious lies under the hood of cryptocurrencies: the concept of blockchain. The ideas around blockchain are significant because they’re […]

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Scaling Your Containers With Kubernetes


Reading Time: 4 minutesWith the growing adoption of containerization, many developers are no longer struggling with the woes of code environmental inconsistencies. While containers have solved important problems, new questions have arisen over how to effectively manage and scale them. Products like Kubernetes have been born out of an attempt to solve these issues. Yet, what exactly is […]

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When to Switch to Microservices


Reading Time: 4 minutesWith the rise of microservice architecture in the past couple of years, many developers find themselves wondering if it’s right for them. There are two frequently asked questions I’ve seen concerning microservices: Should I switch to utilizing microservices? When and how should I switch to microservices? “Should you switch? And when and how?” via @hiimtaylorjones […]

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Using IBM Cloud Functions to Create Serverless Microservices


Reading Time: 4 minutesModern web developers are increasingly embracing the usage of serverless applications in their architecture. These applications are referred to as “serverless” because they’re hosted and executed on the servers of third-party providers (and not on servers you own). Delegating this responsibility to another cloud provider allows you to worry only about the code that’s run […]

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