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Taylor Jones

Effectively Testing Dockerized Ruby Applications


Reading Time: 7 minutesDocker is an incredibly popular tool for virtualizing development and production environments. Its value lies in the idea that it creates portable, scalable environments that anyone can scaffold within minutes. However, a consequence of virtualizing environments is that we have to take a different approach to testing them. Today, we’ll look into dockerizing Ruby applications […]

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So You’re Thinking of Decomposing Your Monolith into Microservices


Reading Time: 6 minutesAdvocates for microservices tend to pitch the pattern as a remedy for bloated, messy, monolithic ailments. However, is the cost of transforming a monolith into a series of microservices worth it? There are arguments for the merits and sins of each, but what about microservices attracts so many companies and developers? The most common use […]

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