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Automated Security Analysis Inside Your Codeship Builds

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Codeship is a fully customizable CI platform, and today we’re pleased to add automated security analysis to help keep you and your customers safer. Security is critical to every business, but keeping an eye on vulnerable dependencies and staying up-to-date can feel like an impossible task.

We’re thrilled to let you know that as of today you can add SourceClear to your Codeship builds, to get automatic security checks with every build. You can ship faster than ever, knowing you’re delivering a safer product to your customers.

With SourceClear added to your Codeship builds, you get:

  • Automated security scanning of the open-source libraries you use
  • Detailed reports on security vulnerabilities impacting your code that you can share with your whole team
  • Fix issues fast with JIRA and GitHub Issues integration
  • Backed by the most comprehensive vulnerability data anywhere, including hundreds of vulnerabilities not available in public databases like the NVD
  • Available for your Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and JavaScript projects

Sign up for a free SourceClear account and add SourceClear to your project’s Test pipelines to get automated security scanning inside every build. Interested in other third-party integrations for Codeship? We’ve got you covered with our integrations portal right here.

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