Codeship Update: Codeship Pro Build Page Improvements

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Reading Time: 5 minutesToday we’re excited to release our redesigned build page for Codeship Pro! The new Codeship Pro build page offers improved performance (for example, reduced page load speed and efficient log scrolling — see more below) and offers superior usability over the old version. Moreover, it’s beautiful, and we’re proud to push it live today! “Reduced […]

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Using Docker Compose for Python Development

Codeship Pro

Reading Time: 10 minutesDocker is an amazing tool for developers. It allows us to build and replicate images on any host, removing the inconsistencies of dev environments and reducing onboarding timelines considerably. To provide an example of how you might move to containerized development, I built a simple todo API with Python, Django REST Framework, and PostgreSQL using […]

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Using Codeship for NodeJS Application Deployments

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Reading Time: 11 minutesIn the first part of this series, I walked through developing a simple todo API using NodeJS, Express, and PostgreSQL using Docker Compose. In this post, I will cover creating a CI/CD pipeline using Codeship Pro. “Let’s walk through a CI/CD pipeline for NodeJS apps with Codeship Pro” via @kellyjandrews Click To Tweet Requirements for […]

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