Making CloudBees CodeShip Snappier with Vue

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Reading Time: 4 minutesOver the last six months or so, CodeShip’s front-end team has been investing heavily in performance improvements by migrating more and more of our front-end components to Vue.js, and by improving how those components interact with our back-end. We’ve deliberately taken an incremental approach with this work. Rather than one single big project, we’ve been […]

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Configuring a CI/CD Pipeline with CloudBees CodeShip and the Epsagon Serverless Monitoring Tool

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Reading Time: 7 minutesEditor’s Note: This is a guest tutorial blog post contributed by Gal Bashan, software engineer at Epsagon. Continuous delivery is an essential part of building a successful product. Being able to ship quickly and with confidence becomes an important edge for companies from all industries. When we think of continuous delivery, we consider several stages […]

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Use Custom Packet Framing for Microservices Messaging


Reading Time: 12 minutesIn my previous article, you looked at why forcing communication between microservices, using REST JSON endpoints, is not always the best approach. In this article, I will outline an example custom framing solution that you can extend for your own projects. Due to the complexity of creating useful framing, implementing the frame will be covered […]

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