Exploring Security, Metrics, and Error-handling with gRPC in Python


Reading Time: 9 minutesIn my post “Using gRPC in Python,” we wrote a basic gRPC server implementing a users service. We are going to expand on it and explore more gRPC concepts, such as secure client-server communication via self-signed SSL certificates, implementing gRPC middleware (or interceptors), and error handling. “Exploring gRPC concepts like secure client-server communication and error […]

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Adjusting Linux Kernel Parameters with Docker Compose

Docker Commands

Reading Time: 6 minutesDocker Compose is a great utility for anyone developing Dockerized applications. It’s a tool that I personally use daily. Recently I came across yet another powerful feature of Docker Compose: the ability to change Linux Kernel Parameters. In today’s article, we will explore how to use this often overlooked but “useful when you need it” […]

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