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At Codeship we are always working on improving our service. We get great feedback from our users telling us which parts of our web application are tedious to handle. One of these tedious parts was the deployments configuration page. By redesigning the deployment configuration page we wanted to ease configuring even complex deployment setups.

Update October 2013: We updated our Deployment Methods once again. Deployment Branches are now really easy to use. Check it out!

Our deployment configuration has 2 steps:

  1. Deploy to the staging server and check if everything went well.
  2. Deploy to the production server. If the deployment to staging fails, the application is not deployed to production.

With the new deployment configuration page we could insert a new deployment within seconds. But what exactly has changed on the deployment configuration page?

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1. Overview

The deployment configuration page gives a brief overview of all your deployments now. Previously it listed all form fields of all your deployments.

New deployment methods overview

2. Hiding optional configuration

You can selectively choose to edit one of your deployments. In edit mode we show you only the fields required to make the deployment work.

New deployment methods collapsed

If you want to benefit from the additional configuration options Codeship offers, you can display the optional configuration as well.

New deployment methods expanded

Our intention here was to keep the interface as clear as possible while still offering you a powerful configuration tool.

3. Moving deployment steps

Now it’s possible to move deployments around. This is especially useful when you want to insert commands between existing deployments. You can just create a script containing the commands and move the script to the desired position. Just grab the deployment step at its logo and drag it to the desired position.

Change deployment methods' order

4. New deployment methods

Something many of you wished for were deployment configurations for Capistrano and Engine Yard. VoilĂ , here they are!

New deployment methods


We hope that these additions will ease deploying your application. Maybe they also encourage you to add additional tools to your deployment process, like smoke tests or clean-up scripts.

Please let us know if there’s something we can still improve. Are there any hosting providers or deployment tools that you are missing? We’re looking forward to your comments!

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