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Continuous Integration and Deployment for Dart projects

There is change coming to our browsers. Google has been working on the Dart language, their replacement for Javascript, for quite a while now and we are happy to officially launch our Dart support today. Take a look at the Dart Tutorial to get a feel for this new language. It is being developed by Lars Bak, Kasper Lund and a large team that has already brought us the V8, so speed is a major concern for them.

Setting up Codeship for your Dart projects is very easy!

How to set up your Dart projects

We install the latest version of Dart available and will update regularly until the 1.0 release of Dart.

You can use all tools coming with the SDK:

We’ve added Dart as one of the choices to select when setting up your setup and test commands. You can install all necessary dependencies with pub install.

Currently there is no standard way to run your tests for Dart, so just run the same commands that you would run on your local development machine to test your code.

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We are thrilled to support technologies that are pushing the web forward. Please let us know how you like the integration and if there is anything else you need in the comments.

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