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Codeship Desktop Notifications with Shipscope

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I love a nice API. I’m also pretty fond of useful browser extensions. When I was interviewing at Codeship, I took a look at their service. I loved the attention to UX, I loved how simple it was to get a build running and how it easy it was to set up Codeship. After configuring a project or two, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to get quick access to my Codeship builds?” Then, “Desktop notifications! I’d like some of those, too.” And so, Shipscope was born.

Watch Your Builds from Chrome

Shipscope – Your Projects

Shipscope lists your Codeship projects with a simple status indicator for the master branch. Shipscope is a browser extension for Chrome. With the Codeship API and your Codeship API token, you get the current status of the builds of all your projects. It’s really pretty simple, but I’ll mention a few features:

  • Shipscope presents a popup containing all of your projects.
  • The status of each project’s master branch is indicated next to the project name.
  • Clicking a project shows you the last 10 builds for that project.
  • Each build’s status is displayed in the build list.
  • If a build is running, you see a little spinny thing. That never gets boring.
  • If a build has completed, you can restart it and get that spinny thing going again!

Shipscope – Your Builds

See your recent builds for any Codeship project. Green dots are good. Past builds can be restarted by clicking on the dot.

Watch Codeship Builds with the Shipscope extension for Chrome

We’ve added Shipscope to the Notifications page of your Project Settings, to make it easy to get it installed and configure.

Get the Shipscope Chrome Extension at

I use Shipscope every day. Whether I’m pushing changes to a feature branch or waiting on a deployment after my pull request has been reviewed and my code is on the master branch, it’s really nice to get a desktop notification when the build ends.

Get the Shipscope Chrome Extension at

At Codeship we have notifications hooked up to a group in Slack, as well as email, but I like Chrome’s desktop notifications for the way they relay information without being obstructive. When a build finishes, successfully or not, it’s nice to know right away.

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Shipscope is in the Chrome Web Store right now. I’m actively developing it, so please provide comments and suggestions. I’d also appreciate your reviews on the Chrome Web Store.

Shipscope is Open Source

Oh! It’s also open source. Feel free to checkout the code at: You can suggest features or file bugs at:

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