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Skip CI and Notifications on Codeship

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Today we announce two new features to help you implement Codeship in your workflow. We will show how to use Hipchat for notifications and skipping Continuous Integration on specific builds.

Hipchat notifications

UPDATE: You can do all this now by simpling navigating to the notifications settings in your project You can set up Hipchat Notifications by simply calling

codeship notifications hipchat

in your appliction folder. The command simply sets the following config parameters (which you can also set with codeship config add)

hipchat_key=xb9d35fhcle53n7586c09e9c1pedes hipchat_room=CI

When setting these config parameters a Test message will be posted to Hipchat to make sure everything worked.

Hipchat setup

Hipchat setup

From now on every time a build is started and finished on Codeship a message will be posted to Hipchat.
Hipchat notification

Hipchat notification

We will expand from Hipchat to other Chat providers like Flowdock or Campfire.

Skipping Continuous Integration

To skip a push simply add --skip-ci to the commit message of the last commit before you push.

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With Hipchat Notifications and skip you can now use Codeship more than ever before in your day to day workflow and configure it to fit the way you and your team works and deploys. If there are any other features you would like to see in Codeship tell us via Twitter or by email.

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