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Codeship Slack Integration

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At Codeship we love to build for the builders. Our goal is to make software teams more productive. Simplicity, ease of use and a great experience is a big part of what defines us.

Codeship is part of your teams workflow by helping to automate your test and deployment processes. To be able to stay on top of what is happening during your development process sensible notifications tied to your workflow are crucial.

Amongst other integrations we are happy to announce a new notification integration with Slack. Slack is a great communication service that integrates with a lot of other tools and brings all your communication together in one place.

Why Slack?

Slack is awesome, simple to use and they care deeply about your teams’ productivity. Our vision at Codeship and Slack’s vision are perfectly aligned.

How does Codeship integrate with Slack?

Getting notified about who is working on which feature and knowing about the latest changes to your codebase is an essential part of the development workflow. Once configured, Codeship sends messages on failed and successful builds to your Slack channel.

See your Codeship Notifications in Slack

How to set up Slack on Codeship

We are happy to have an official Codeship integration on Slack. Check it out, but don’t forget you need to be signed in on Slack to view the integrations.

The official Codeship Integration on Slack

By adding the integration to your Slack account and inserting the webhook url on the notification configuration page in your Codeship projects settings, you are ready to go in just a few clicks.

Set up notifications to Slack via the Slack WebHook URL

The main goal of the integration is to keep it as simple as possible and to be able to provide you with the best support from both us and the Slack team.

Please let us know what you think about the integration. We are always happy to get feedback. Send us a message to or tweet @codeship or @alexandertacho.

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If you want to help us spread the word about our new integration you can click here to tweet about it. Click to tweet.

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