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Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber


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This is the third episode of our new Testing Tuesday series and our first screencast. Every week we will share our insights and opinions on the software testing space. Drop by every Tuesday to learn more! Last week we talked about how to get from Test-Driven Development to Behavior-Driven Development.

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BDD with Cucumber

Cucumber lets you write your feature in natural language and develop them behavior-driven afterwards. It is written in Ruby, but you can also use it with several other languages, including the Java Virtual Machine, Python and PHP. Check out the Wiki to find out more. In this screencast we’re creating a new feature in our Superhero Ruby on Rails app using Cucumber. We kept it quite simple though, so it won’t be too hard to follow along if you’re not familiar with Ruby.

Up next week: Continuous Integration and Deployment with Cucumber

Next week we will dive further into Cucumber and show you how to test and deploy our Superhero app on Codeship.

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