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Getting Efficient when working with Heroku


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Heroku provides a great infrastructure, but using their Gem often feels a little bit clunky. Especially when viewing the Heroku logs or getting into the console typing out all of the commands is time consuming. To make working working with Heroku a little easier we started to use bash aliases and functions. Simply add them to your bash config.

UPDATE: @_tomekw ported the functions to ZSH, which is awesome. Thx. This simply creates a h function that calls the heroku gem with the last parameter being the heroku app name. For example to show the config for our production app I simply type hp config.

Efficient Heroku

I personally do not like to have our Heroku production application as a git remote as it forces me to always go through the proper way of testing and deployment with Codeship. Thus I often need to provide the app name which is nicely solved by these functions. They provide a nice template which you can use to build more complex functions or aliases for your daily development. As you use the Heroku Gem often on a daily basis even the smallest productivity gain has tremendous effects on your time. Give it a try.

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Heroku Plus seems to be another gem worth looking at for more efficient Heroku Usage. They have very nice support for multiple accounts. So take a look at those and if you have any more efficiency tips add them in the comments section. I will update this post accordingly.

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