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EuRuKo 2013 Review


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This is the twelfth Testing Tuesday episode. Every week we will share our insights and opinions on the software testing space. Drop by every Tuesday to learn more! Last week we introduced Bogus. Bogus makes mocks in RSpec reliable.

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EuRuKo 2013

This year the European Ruby conference EuRuKo took place in Athens on June 28 and 29. I brought my mobile phone and recorded my favorite parts of the sessions. I also caught a few speakers to give a statement about the conference and their testing philosophy. Thanks to Yukihiro “Matz” MatsumotoXavier NoriaBenjamin SmithPat Shaughnessy and Steve Klabnik for contributing to this video!

Send us your pictures

Have you been to EuRuKo 2013 as well? Send us your pictures and we will showcase them on our blog! Let’s chat some more about your impressions of the conference in the comments! UPDATE: The awesome guys from Railsware were so kind to hook us up with some pictures of the conference! Enjoy!

Up next Testing Tuesday: Integration tests vs. Bogus

Next week we’ll look into our old friend Bogus again. We’ll explore how to make our mocks reusable and what’s behind the mysterious concept of “contract testing”.

PS: You can test and deploy your Ruby apps with Codeship. Give it a try!

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