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Go Support on Codeship

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This week we are happy to announce that we have improved support for Go projects on the Codeship. We also redesigned the way we handle Deployment Branches to make it easier to work with them.

Improved Go Support

We now support Go 1.1.2 in our virtual machines. Please make sure that you follow the official package path documentation to make sure your Go projects can be built correctly.

Important: For a github project the path should include and the username.

For example take a look at the imports in this file from Docker. They use “” as a package path.

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New Deployment Branches Configuration

Take a look at the new and improved UI for our Deployment Configuration. We’ve changed the way you see the branches that you configured.

The Redesign of the Deployment Branches View on the Codeship

The mechanics still work the same. You can define which branches should be deployed. For each branch you can add multiple deployments that will run one after the other.

If you have any questions about our Go Support or about the Deployment Branches feel free to ask in the comments or tweet us @codeship!

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