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Meet the Team: Brendan Fosberry

Meet the Team

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Brendan Fosberry is a Senior Software Engineer at Codeship. This week, we had the chance to sit down with Brendan to discuss his background, why he joined Codeship, and much more.

Meet the Team is a regular series introducing our team members to you. You’ll gain a better understanding of who our team members are, what different teams are working on, an understanding of their choice to join Codeship, and more! You can access all Meet the Team interviews here.

Where were you prior to joining Codeship?

Before working at Codeship I primarily worked in a datacenter provisioning and network automation at Peer1 Hosting and then at Rackspace Managed Hosting. More recently, I worked at Shopkeep POS where I realized I had a passion for solving problems for developers and deeply missed that part of my job, which has lead me to Codeship.

What are your primary roles at Codeship?

As a member of the Engineering team I primarily work on delivering application features to provide a better experience for our customers. I really enjoy getting to work across disciplines here at Codeship, which means my day to day may include helping our customers use our products, writing documentation or blog posts, or even discovering fun new ways we can use our products.

Why do you like working for Codeship?

I love getting to solve problems for other developers, working with the specific technologies we use, and working to solve our problems, but most of all I love working with the Codeship family.

Why work for Codeship?

Codeship offers the opportunity to work with an incredible group of team minded experts with a passion for the success of our customers.


In my spare time I love gaming, reading and cycling and hiking in the beautiful PNW. I also am currently enjoying getting to know my newborn son.

Name a fun fact about yourself.

I was born in the UK, grew up in Ireland and live in the USA, and my accent is really confused as a result.

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