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Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana

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So we were invited to Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana from 13-15 July. Finderly and were the other Viennese startups who joined us in three days of intense talks, mentoring, feedback and partying.

Seedcamp started on wednesday with a pitch training where every team could present the current version of their pitch, get feedback and, as we did, throw away their complete structure and redo the whole thing. Thanks to the incredible people there, especially Tomaz from, who advised us to stop presenting to a group of developers and think about how to present the idea to investors. This really opened our eyes on how to present to this crowd. After the pitch training we went home and quickly redid our presentation to join the others again at a nice cocktail bar. Again great and relaxed conversations and lots of interesting people, which seemed like the recurring theme through all of Seedcamp. Then came the big day. For two hours every team had their 5 minutes of fame.

Some incredible technology like SiteCake or Slidemotion, but also great ideas like Farmeron, which makes Software as a Service Agricultural Management, were presented. You can see the list of all participants at the Seedcamp blog. After all the Presentations we had time to lean back and watch Fred Destin talk about the Startup Lifecycle. Definitely worth taking a good hard look at. You can watch it on Prezi.


Then all teams went into their respective rooms and waited for the mentors to come in, give feedback, advice and general words of wisdom. Five groups of four mentors each joined us to talk business, marketing, technology or strategy with us. It was easy, hard, fun, tough, interesting and definitely very tiring. The Seedcampers really got a very diverse team of mentors for the event. From TelCo CEO’s to Social Media Marketing pro’s to developers and investors. Really cool. To round it all off Mike Butcher gave, in his very very funny style, an introduction on how to deal with the media, while Austrian beer was enjoyed by the audience.


We then had a great evening with food, plenty of cocktails, talks and dancing. Although the Startups impressed us with their ideas and hard work nothing impressed us more than some of the incredible dance skills shown in the early morning hours. It was a total blast. On Friday several teams were invited for 15 minute talks with investors. Sadly we weren’t invited (this time) but we’ll be back. We had to leave for Vienna early and thus weren’t able to make it to the Barcamp, but heard lot’s of good stuff about it.

But the best part from our Seedcamp experience happened during the six hour train travel back to Vienna. Thanks to all the Feedback our thoughts were spinning in every direction and we got some great ideas for the future of our service. Some big changes are coming up in the next weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks to Seedcamp for this great event and all the fun we had. See you soon. All images are owned by Ivo Spigel and are used with permission. Take a look at his other Seedcamp pictures.

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