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Centralized Team Management For Everyone on Codeship

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TL;DR: We made changes to the Codeship Account Structure. Now, centralized management of teams, permissions and projects are available for all accounts. If you are a current Codeship user this does not have any impact on your subscription, plan and price, your invoices, or your applied discounts.

Organizations Accounts for Everyone on Codeship

We believe that CI and CD is for teams. Centralized team management and permission management is of highest importance for that. After receiving a lot of feedback, we decided to sunset our concept of Personal Accounts on Aug 19th, 2017 and migrated all accounts to be “Organization” accounts with access to all subscription plans including the free plan, as well as centralized team management.


What Changed?

  • At sign up, all new accounts created are Organization Accounts, that have access to centralized team management and all available plans including the free plan from Aug 19th, 2017, onwards.

  • If you already have an account created prior Aug 19th, 2017, we migrated your Personal Account to an Organization Account, which gives you access to all plans and centralized team management for free.

As mentioned, none of these changes have any impact on your subscription, plan and price, your invoices, or your applied discounts.

We believe that with this change we are able to offer a better experience for all teams of all sizes with our Codeship Products and make it easy for you to manage your teams in one place. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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