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Railsonfire becomes Codeship and Codeship welcomes Seedcamp!

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Hooray! Finally we completed our rebranding from Railsonfire to Codeship. We loved “Railsonfire” a lot, yet we decided to adapt to our users’ needs and started supporting more than only Ruby on Rails. As a result we have built a continuous testing and deployment solution for teams with all kinds of technology stacks.

The name “Railsonfire” didn’t seem to fit our service anymore and so “Codeship” was born. Our vision is it to make developers’ lives easier and help them focus on their core business, while helping them to ship. Teams nowadays have various multi-technology stacks and we thrive to support as many combinations and needs as possible. Codeship is a polyglot! We added support for additional programming languages. From now on you can test your! And over the next couple of weeks Codeship will be fluent in even more languages! There are even more good news: We listen to you. That’s why we have built a brand-new user interface. We received tons of feedback during the past months. Thank you for that! There are still many features which a lot of you want to see and be assured that we’re working hard to release them soon.

If you have feedback, suggestions or just want to say “hi” please don’t hesitate to contact me via


Last but not least, we’re happy to announce our investment from Seedcamp. Seedcamp has already helped us tremendously over the last couple of months and we are looking forward to a great partnership.



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