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ShopTalkShow Podcast with Chris Coyier on Continuous Deployment and Automation


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Recently Flo talked about Continuous Deployment and Automation on the ShopTalkShow Podcast. We’ve been listening to Chris Coyier’s show for a long time and were very happy when he asked us if we would like to talk on his show. Many of you might know Chris also from the infamous site.

Have a listen to the episode here:

Show notes

13:08 – I would like to use Git for version control, and set up a deployment strategy so I can stop going “FTP commando’, but terminal is a bit scary for me. Do you have any suggestions for free or one-off-purchase alternatives for deployment so I can get off FTP?

20:50 – Hey guys, I just did a little google-ing and found an FTP-post-commit-deploy-script for Bitbucket/Github. It works on public and private repos. I set it up on my server for a little project I’m working on, and so far it’s working great! I thought this could be a good tool for folks that don’t have a VPS they can setup Git on to still get on a version control work flow.

22:40 – What’s the best way to handle database synching? Is it possible to do it with version control?

40:09 – I have this site to build with about 30 pages, all one template. Where the line is drawn for static sites vs. CMS?

52:27 – I have been looking at several PaaS options out there such as Heroku, Appfog, Paogdabox, and Fortrabbit. I was wondering if those types of scalable web application platforms are best used for all types of sites (blogs for example) since they provide a level of control and scalability, or are they really just meant to be utilized on custom web applications that do a lot of processing server side?

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